DirectX v9.0c and finding missing components?

Microsoft Windows XP embedded


I have been working on getting an XPe image created for a laptop that
can run a hardware simulator/demo while we shop around for some
hardware to base our industrial pc on. In that process I have run
into a few minor glitches that I am hoping someone here might be able
to shed some light on.

The first is that DirectX v8.0 is included in my SP2 upgraded XPe
environment, yet I am almost positive that XP Pro ships with DirectX I missing something or is this really the case? To work
around it I got the re-distributable directx v9.0c install and
installed it after the FBA ran.

That leads into the next problem I have. The DirectX installer would
not run without user.exe being included in the system. I copied it
from my XP Pro install and that seemed to work ok, but I would like to
figure out what I need component I am missing to add user.exe in a
more reasonable manner. Do any of you know what component that
requires? Even better would be if anyone knows any way to search on a
missing DLL or EXE and figure out what component that maps too? I
feel like that has to be a feature but that I am just not seeing the
forest through the trees. Any insight would be appreciated.


Will Cunningham

How about this QFE?

That is a good option, thanks for the link. The only thing I wonder
about is that it specifies service pack 1, I am using service pack 2.
I figured that 9.0c would have been included in the service pack 2.


SP2 should have DX 9.0c or higher.

There has been a recent discussion in NG where MS folks confirmed there were some versioning registry settings missing from the
DirectX component in SP2. You may want to check as they mentioned the registry entries to fix the problem.